Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Curse of the Ultrasound Machine....

Ultrasound Machines have made so many amazing things happen for pregnant women. They catch debilitating diseases in unborn babies, let parents have a glimpse at their unborn child, and help Dr.'s make important decisions on the health and safety of babies....

However, they suck, too. Blunt. I know. But I am so frustrated right now that I can't even prentend to like the stupid machine. Here's what happened:

  1. Last week I had an u/s to estimate the babies fetal weight which was 7.5 lbs. I was put on the induction list for Dec. 29th because my baby was measuring so large.
  2. I received a call 2 days later that I didn't qualify for a medical induction because Karson was in the 90-95% and must be 95% or bigger. AND the elective induction list was full. However, if Karson hit the 95% mark on the next Tuesday (TODAY) I could be put back on.
  3. Had an u/s today. He measured 7.6lbs. That's right...he supposedly only gained an ounce. The tech looked at me funny and said, "Well, these formulas are only calibrated to make an estimation once every 3 weeks. And you already had an u/s last week so since it has only been a week that measurement is off."
  4. You think?
  5. Dr. says...."Well, you still don't qualify due to todays measurement."
  6. Me, "But isn't it off."
  7. Dr., "Yes, but that doesn't matter. The baby needs to be 100 grams heavier to qualify. So now we will put you on the list for Monday, Jan. 4th."
  8. Me....now sobbing, "But I'll be 39 weeks and this baby will be HUGE. What if I can't push it out."
  9. Dr., "There's a very slim chance you won't be able to...it will be ok. See you next week...here's a tissue." Pat on the back.

Ok....so I HATE ultrasound machines now. If I would have never known the weight I might never have started to obsess with the fact that I have to push such a large baby out of my whoo haa..... After giving birth to Kolton at 36weeks 5days with a 25hour labor and a vacuum to boot and 40 stitches later I am a little nervous at what is going to happen to me with a LARGER baby at 39 weeks.

Pray for me. I need it right now.

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  1. oh no! How frustrating!! Maybe you'll go into labor before and you can smack the "induction scheduler" in the face when you show up! LOL Good luck and prayers your way!