Wednesday, January 20, 2010

LIfe as a family of 4....FINALLY! :)

Christmas Day

My labor story:

After the previous post on the evils of the week of induction I marched into the Dr's office ready to tell the Dr. to shove his induction and no more then 15 minutes of waiting for him the hospital calls and tells me to come in. Hmmmm.... figures.

Anyway, so I apparently was close to being in labor on my own anyway. I was 3 cm and almost fully effaced when they first checked me. I was given the smallest dose of pitocin which immediately put me into labor. Within 30min of being admitted I was given my epidural (AWESOME!). Things happened so fast. 30 minutes after that they broke my water and I was immediately 5cm. In an hour I was 6cm. Then I stalled for 3 hours. I was so depressed. But suddenly I started feeling a lot of pressure and my nurse said, "let's check you just in case..." Well, I was 9 1/2 cm. WHOA! Ben and I freaked out. They let me labor down for about another hour and had me start pushing. After only 15min of pushing the nurse was yelling at me to stop because they needed to get the Dr. in. As soon as he was there I gave a few good pushes and the next thing I knew the Dr. told me to, "Reach down and grab your son." So I actually got to pull Karson out and onto my stomach. Although that may sound gross it was actually one of the most cherished moments of my life. Absolutely amazing.

So for the hardest pregnancy I was blessed with the most wonderful birth! Thank you Karson!

Well, we are home and happy to be home. Trying to adjust has been difficult and challenging, but well worth it. I couldn't believe how quickly Kolton changed. The tantrums have been bigger, MINE has become a favorite word, and he actually developed an evil eye that beams in my direction if I am holding Karson. It makes me sad. I expected the changes and challenges and with each day there are the little things that make me smile. Like when Kolton brings Karson a pacifier out of the blue. Or when he rubs Karson's head and gives him a kiss without being asked to. I have hope that my "new" Kolton realizes that mine is now "ours" soon and that Karson is a wonderful blessing for our family. :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

An induction nightmare...still waiting....

So who do I yell at?

I can't yell at the nurses when I call labor and delivery. Lord knows they are working their butts off every day and night. They are so sweet when I call.

I can't yell at the scheduler at my Dr's office because she is just doing what my Dr. tells her to.

I can't even really yell at my Dr because he is trying to deliver babies, see patients, and raise his own family. Being a business owner I appreciate that the guy needs his own life, too.

So who do I yell at? I can't take this anymore. Oh...I guess I should update you on what has been going on FOR THE PAST 4 DAYS. Maybe then you will at least want to yell with me to get some frustration out.

This is a picture of 3oz of gold...the exact amount I needed Karson to add to his weight at 36 weeks to qualify me for a medical induction.

The story:
I was scheduled for induction initially on Dec. 29th, but rescheduled to Jan. 4th (Monday) because they were all booked. For those who don't know I am an elective induction decided on by my Dr. because at 36 weeks my baby was only 100grams (3 oz) away from being a macrasomia baby, qualifiying me for a medical induction. That means the baby was/is BIG. So here I am, riding the line of needing a medical induction like I had with Kolton at 36 weeks because of the babies size. Only now I am 5 days from my due date, so I can't even fathom how big this guy is at this point.
Moving on to Monday. Waited, called, got the same story every couple of hours....we are full, we'll call when a bed opens up....waited. Then Tuesday morning the hospital tells me they'll call in the afternoon, while the scheduler at my Dr's office tells me they won't call me if I haven't been called by the morning and I will probably be rescheduled. So I wait, not knowing who to believe.
Monday evening I call L&D (labor and delivery) they tell me they haven't called because my Dr. rescheduled me for Wed. night. Gee. Thanks for anyone calling me to tell me. I am such a wreck from not sleeping and the anxiety of all of this that Ben and I decide to leave Kolton at his parents again so I can get some sleep.
Wednesday morning I wake up feeling refreshed. Settled. Ready to make a plan. I decide that if I get bumped again I am going to march up to my Dr. and tell him to shove his induction where the sun don't shine. I am 5 days from my due date and will let nature do what it was meant to. Ben and I spend the day with Kolton...a wonderful day....and then drop him back off again at his parents. My spirits begin to decline. The 3rd night away from my baby Kolton.
Wednesday night I wait....I call....I'm smart enough to go to bed this time. Good thing I did because I wake up from dreaming about yelling at my Dr. and see it is already 4am. NO CALL. The nurses in L&D tell me they see a light at the end of the tunnel and I should be called after 7am. I watch a movie and go back to bed at 6am. Wake up at 8am and decide this is over. I'm done.
So here we are. I just called L&D again and they're telling me to go about my day and I should get a call in the afternoon. Ya f'n right. I call my Dr.'s office and of coarse the scheduler doesn't answer her phone. I decided I will bug her ever 30min until I get in to see my Dr. today because I AM DONE.

Now who would you yell at?

Friday, January 1, 2010

It's the final countdown....

The holidays are over. The decorations are put away. And the baby stuff is staring me straight in the face. It is time. In 3 days my poor body will be forced into labor, like it or not. I was hoping I would go on my own by now. And although I have had many "uh oh...what's that" contractions, no such luck. I have been walking, drinking lots of red raspberry leaf tea, and hoping....I am waiting as patiently as I can. But the Dr. doesn't think my body will go on it's own before Monday. :(

So, I will be waiting for the phone call. The one I'll get sometime between 6 - 10pm Monday night that says, "We are ready for you, let's have a baby!". I will then go into the hospital and be given a pill to jump start my labor. The dr. says it should go pretty quickly due to how far along I am and the progression I've already made. I sure hope so, because induction with Kolton was a nightmare. But this baby is so big and I am so uncomfortable that it is time he is evicted. I will keep everyone posted as much as I can, and Ben will bring the laptop so we can hopefully download pictures asap.

Until then I love any thoughts and prayers anyone would like to offer. This is so nerve-racking at this point. I am so ready for this to be over, and so ready to hold my son in my arms. Here's to the new year and the upcoming birth of Karson Dale Koller.

Wish me luck.