Wednesday, January 20, 2010

LIfe as a family of 4....FINALLY! :)

Christmas Day

My labor story:

After the previous post on the evils of the week of induction I marched into the Dr's office ready to tell the Dr. to shove his induction and no more then 15 minutes of waiting for him the hospital calls and tells me to come in. Hmmmm.... figures.

Anyway, so I apparently was close to being in labor on my own anyway. I was 3 cm and almost fully effaced when they first checked me. I was given the smallest dose of pitocin which immediately put me into labor. Within 30min of being admitted I was given my epidural (AWESOME!). Things happened so fast. 30 minutes after that they broke my water and I was immediately 5cm. In an hour I was 6cm. Then I stalled for 3 hours. I was so depressed. But suddenly I started feeling a lot of pressure and my nurse said, "let's check you just in case..." Well, I was 9 1/2 cm. WHOA! Ben and I freaked out. They let me labor down for about another hour and had me start pushing. After only 15min of pushing the nurse was yelling at me to stop because they needed to get the Dr. in. As soon as he was there I gave a few good pushes and the next thing I knew the Dr. told me to, "Reach down and grab your son." So I actually got to pull Karson out and onto my stomach. Although that may sound gross it was actually one of the most cherished moments of my life. Absolutely amazing.

So for the hardest pregnancy I was blessed with the most wonderful birth! Thank you Karson!

Well, we are home and happy to be home. Trying to adjust has been difficult and challenging, but well worth it. I couldn't believe how quickly Kolton changed. The tantrums have been bigger, MINE has become a favorite word, and he actually developed an evil eye that beams in my direction if I am holding Karson. It makes me sad. I expected the changes and challenges and with each day there are the little things that make me smile. Like when Kolton brings Karson a pacifier out of the blue. Or when he rubs Karson's head and gives him a kiss without being asked to. I have hope that my "new" Kolton realizes that mine is now "ours" soon and that Karson is a wonderful blessing for our family. :)

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  1. I LOVE the 2nd to last pic of you with Karson on your chest. It's one of those Kodak moments. You both look so serenely beautiful ;-)