Sunday, February 7, 2010

Terrific Two's and One Month Wonders!!!!!

Well, we've been sooooooo busy around here that I am really behind on updating this thing...and will have to go back to add pictures from lots of events. But for now I thought I would give everyone a quick sneak peak at my little men!

Karson is a month old today. I love the pictures below because you can really see how much he has chunked up from 3 weeks old to a month. He is a crazy eater and some days I feel like a walking milk machine. It is so nice that he is great at nursing, but hard at the same time since I feel strapped down and not able to give Kolton as much attention at all. Karson does NOT sleep through the night (which no newborn should so I hate that people even ask if he does, especially breast fed babies.....). But he is relatively laid back and easy going. He loves a pacifier (Kolton didn't), and hates to be put down. He does seem to like the vibrating bouncy (another thing Kolton did not like), which does give me the chance to play hands free with Kolton. :)

Needless to say. Things are tough. I'm not going to lie. But we are starting to figure out schedules and routines. Ben is working like crazy. He rarely takes a day off, but we take full advantage of it when he does. However, his long hours and crazy work schedule do make me feel like a single parent with a newborn and a 2 year old. All of which qualifies me for the insane asylum, I'm sure.

Last week Kolton also turned 2~~ We had a wonderful birthday party at the train park with lots of friends and family. I will post pics as soon as I get them up. On his actual birthday Ben took the day off and we drove up to the snow and took Kolton sledding for the first time. He loved it instantly. Again I will post pics asap.

He seems to be adjusting to his new roll as big brother. Although he is mostly indifferent, he does help out a lot more and seems to want to give kisses a lot more freely. :) Just today Karson was crying and Kolton found a pacifier and held it in Karson's mouth. It was really adorable. As you can see below Kolton still thinks the bouncy and swing are for him as well. He likes to use the bouncy as his recliner while he watches TV. It is so cute. He is growing up too fast, and he is so much fun to be around. We are struggling with his bedtime routine now, and he does try to pull a fast one to get out of bed by saying he needs to see baby Karson, but we see through his cute facade!!! He is mischievous, that is for sure!

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