Thursday, March 25, 2010

Soul Mates....

So for those of you in the is NO secret that Kolton has found his soul mate, Annagail. Since the day these two first met they have been in love. So it was fitting that when Katie and I got pregnant at the same time we would be happily surprised to find out that we were having the next pair of soul mates, Harper and Karson. Well, naturally we thought it would only be proper to have their love documented.......hence the pictures posted below of our beautiful kids!!!! Save the date for a double wedding in about 28 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The big smooch after winning her over with a flower.

Annagail consoling Kolton.

Annagail stares in puzzlement...kind of the same way we all do when our men throw tantrums.

I call this the engagement photo.

I had to throw it in....ISN'T HE ADORABLE!

Planning their elopement......

The new couple!!!!!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

2 Month Chunky Monkey & Picture Pages...

(I wrote this 3 weeks ago....just took a while to finally post it!)
Karson had his 2 month appointment today. He is doing better then the norm...literally. He is topping the scales at a whooping 15lbs3oz, or 98th percentile. He also grew 2 inches in the last month and is 24 3/4in, or 97th percentile. I told you the boy loves to eat. And that RSV setback didn't phase him at all! Goooooooo Karson...

I know you aren't supposed to compare your kids....but lets do for the fun of it. :)

Kolton Karson
Weight/Height Weight/Height

birth 8.1 lbs/22 in 8.5 lbs/21 in
2 months 13.7lbs/25 in 15.3lbs/ 24.75 in

After 20 seconds of holding Karson, Kolton always screams, "He's tooooo heavy!"

My favorite monkey!

I have about a million pictures of Kolton closing his eyes like this! Stinker.

Karson LOVES his bath!!!

Karson and Daddy!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kolton with Croup....

These pictures didn't show up with the post for whatever reason. But here is my little man with Croup. :( so sad....

Cuts, Croup, and Coughs

Whew....I am sooooooo happy February is over with. What a month. Started out great with Kolton's birthday, but we were in for a dousy of a ride after that. So I will try to be brief and condense the craziness for you....

1. Cuts

Kolton got his first real haircut. I was REALLY scared, but it turned out to be a piece of cake, or really a piece of candy (or a few) that made the haircut go so smoothly. I have to say that his long, shaggy hair really looked cute in a surfer dude kind of way. But now he looks sooooo much cuter! At least I think so.

2. Croup

Little did I know (Although you can see it in his eyes in the haircut pics) Kolton would get REALLY sick that same day. He took a nap and woke up with a 104 F temp and a cough that was really scary. After doing everything I could to get through the night I took him into the Dr. the next day and he was diagnosed with Croup before the Dr. could get all the way through the door. I guess his seal cough gave it away. Poor Kolton spent a week on the couch really ill, this included Valentines Day in which he slept the WHOLE day!

While most people were out being romantic this was our Valentine's Day.

I snuck these pics in because Karson turned 5 weeks during the Croup incident.

3. Coughs.......

If you have ever nursed a sick toddler while taking care of your newborn you know it is no easy task. Now throw in the husband who has gone to Alabama for work and you're destined for disaster. The day I took Ben to the airport Kolton was feeling better, but I was feeling bad and Karson had started to cough and become congested. Ben's parents picked Kolton up that night to watch him overnight so I could try to get some rest with Karson. But that night turned into a long night of nursing a sick newborn. The next morning I had my 6 week post partum checkup and didn't think much other then I and Karson were rocking colds. By that afternoon Karson could barely breathe. I rushed him to the Pediatric Hospital where he was diagnosed with RSV. For those who don't know RSV is an epidemic cold that makes you and I sniffle and can cause serious issues for small children and infants. Karson was hospitalized immediatly. So, for the next 4 nights and 5 days I was awake by my newborns side while he recovered in the hospital. But remember, not only was I sick, too, but Ben was out of town. Thank God for my close family and friends who jumped to my rescue and took care of Kolton and me. Thank you to Ben's parents who watched him that whole time. To Erika for bringing me food, clothes, and deoderant! To my dad for just being there. And thank you to everyone who offered their love and support.

Karson and Dr. McKernan at my 6 week check up. This picture was taken just hours before he was really sick and hospitalized. :(

All I can say is I am sooooooooooooooooooo happy February is over. And I hope the spring brings a renewed sense of calm, happiness, and good health to this household because we could sure use it!