Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thank you Karson! 33weeks and counting...

The beached whale effect......

Almost 33 weeks here...

Karson with his umbilical cord next to his mouth.... gross.
Grumpy Karson...He did NOT like being shaked so much!

Well, great news today. All of that movement these last two weeks, the kicks, the punches to my various organs....has paid off. Karson is no longer breach. WOO HOO! And after a lot of coaxing, ok...SHAKING...from the ultrasound tech (none of which Karson appreciated), we were able to get a few 3D pictures. He is a cutie. His cheeks aren't as round as Kolton's were. But he's got great lips and a cute little squished nose. (Sorry to tell you, Karson, but that nose won't be so small and cute for long....genetics suck.)

All is well growth wise. He is over 5lbs and we scheduled my last 2 exams before the big arrival. I have one more ultrasound on the 22nd of December just to see how big the boy will be when I push him out the next week. News everyone wants to here the day before their birthday. I'm sure it won't give me nightmares at all....no......

And as you can see I have officially reached whale status. I love that Ben and I went out for breakfast after the appointment and the waitress exclaims, "Whoa...someone's about to pop a baby out any second now!" Well, thanks lady, but I actually have over 5 weeks until I am induced, 7 until my due date. But no, I love people pointing out that I am HUGE.

I think the best thing about my humungousness (I love creating words.) is when I am standing next to my pregnant friends and everyone points out how cute they are, how small they are, how they don't look pregnant from the back....and then they just smile at me and rub my ginormous (another new word) belly. Whatever.

So, another appointment in 2weeks....how much can I really grow in 2 weeks....guesses???? I hope not much because I am going to run out of clothes!!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Dear Karson,

Mommy and Daddy sure hope all of that moving around has been you deciding to go from this

to this.

Mommy and Daddy really want to get some good 3D pictures of you tomorrow, too. (Like the one below....although I just snatched this from some website so I don't even know who the poor kid is.)

I know this is asking for a lot. But we promise to buy you a new toy car, well, as soon as you can play with one without wanting to eat it.
So please consider our loving request.

Your parents,

Mommy and Daddy

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Poor Karson...

Well, I have been thinking about this a lot lately because it is something I never had to deal with. Being the only child between my parents, and the oldest when it came to subsequent half siblings, I was....well....spoiled. I didn't have to share. I got what I wanted. All of my clothes were new. I ate the ice cream I wanted. I sat where I wanted to sit....you get the idea.

Well, along comes Karson and as I have been preparing for his arrival I can't stop thinking about some things.
1. His whole room was Kolton's. Not one thing in it was given for him. Sad.
2. By this time in my pregnancy with Kolton I had gifts galore for him from friends and family. Right now I have one blanket and a Christmas stocking.
3. His baby book will be blank in the section "Baby Shower".
4. His clothes were all worn by Kolton. Spit up on by Kolton. Pooped in by Kolton. You get my drift. Poor kid.
5. His toys will all be used, slobbered on, broken.....by Kolton.
6. He will be poked at, slapped, pushed, and all around man handled by Kolton the minute he is brought home from the hospital.

I could go on. But it is very depressing. I now feel VERY SORRY for all not first born siblings.

So, with that said I am making a pledge to Karson. You will get some new clothes, things only YOU have worn. I will do my darnedest to make you feel SPECIAL. I will try my hardest to make sure you feel equal to, not beneath your brother, Kolton. Because you didn't choose to be born second. It just happened. And I love you more then the world baby Karson. You can count on that!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Already not cooperating....

I was so looking forward to my 3D ultrasound today. I dreamt of seeing those chubby cheeks and little nose last night in anticipation. However, as I should have known, it was not meant to be.

As some of you know Kolton refused to cooperate for his 3D u/s. With that said, Ben believes Kolton left a memo in my ute instructing Karson to hide his face today as well. Who knew Karson would already want to be like the big brother he has never met.

So, with only 3 sketchy pictures in hand, I am looking forward to another opportunity in 2 weeks for the little guy to smile pretty in 3D.

Meanwhile......Karson is HUGE. He is measuring 2 1/2 weeks ahead at a whopping 4lbs 3oz. The u/s tech tried to reassure me with the whole..."at least he'll come out nice and chunky". I wanted to tell her to try pushing a 10lb'r out of her whooo-ha..... So, just like big brother, I am looking forward to another nice big baby to push out. That is if he flips soon since he is tucked into a ball, breech position....

The end is so fun. :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Then and Now....

Kolton THEN....Halloween 2008

Kolton NOW.....Halloween 2009

Our little family...soon to be bigger...

Enjoying candy before, during, and after trick or treating....

I got this guys....Mr. Independent.

Grandpa trying out the Engineer hat....

Kolton with Grandpa, Grandma, and the puppies.

Is it time yet????

Kolton called these spiders his "Big Bugs". We had them on the front of the house. He had to say "Hi" to them and "Goodbye" every couple of hours. He was almost devastated when we put them away, and still asks about them daily.

So much changes in a year. Last year we took Kolton trick or treating in my Dad's neighborhood and he really didn't comprehend what was going on and why we were dragging him around. The poor kid wasn't even walking yet. In fact, I really felt like we were using our poor baby to get some free candy...

This year we went back to my Dad's and boy was there a huge difference. Not only did Kolton LOVE his Train Engineer costume (Thank you Grandma Chris), he put on quite the show for everyone. He walked up to every house without prompting for the most part, always said "Please" instead of "Trick or Treat" (which people thought was sooooooooooooo cute) and even said "thank you" after he dove into their candy bowls. He made it around an entire block all on his own and had so much candy by the end of it that he couldn't carry his bag anymore. It was a really fun night. I can't imagine what next year will be like with Kolton AND Karson. So much fun!