Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Poor Karson...

Well, I have been thinking about this a lot lately because it is something I never had to deal with. Being the only child between my parents, and the oldest when it came to subsequent half siblings, I was....well....spoiled. I didn't have to share. I got what I wanted. All of my clothes were new. I ate the ice cream I wanted. I sat where I wanted to get the idea.

Well, along comes Karson and as I have been preparing for his arrival I can't stop thinking about some things.
1. His whole room was Kolton's. Not one thing in it was given for him. Sad.
2. By this time in my pregnancy with Kolton I had gifts galore for him from friends and family. Right now I have one blanket and a Christmas stocking.
3. His baby book will be blank in the section "Baby Shower".
4. His clothes were all worn by Kolton. Spit up on by Kolton. Pooped in by Kolton. You get my drift. Poor kid.
5. His toys will all be used, slobbered on, Kolton.
6. He will be poked at, slapped, pushed, and all around man handled by Kolton the minute he is brought home from the hospital.

I could go on. But it is very depressing. I now feel VERY SORRY for all not first born siblings.

So, with that said I am making a pledge to Karson. You will get some new clothes, things only YOU have worn. I will do my darnedest to make you feel SPECIAL. I will try my hardest to make sure you feel equal to, not beneath your brother, Kolton. Because you didn't choose to be born second. It just happened. And I love you more then the world baby Karson. You can count on that!

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  1. Just make sure to buy him his own bike. I got my first brand new bike when I went away to college. No one was excited for me one bit.