Thursday, March 25, 2010

Soul Mates....

So for those of you in the is NO secret that Kolton has found his soul mate, Annagail. Since the day these two first met they have been in love. So it was fitting that when Katie and I got pregnant at the same time we would be happily surprised to find out that we were having the next pair of soul mates, Harper and Karson. Well, naturally we thought it would only be proper to have their love documented.......hence the pictures posted below of our beautiful kids!!!! Save the date for a double wedding in about 28 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The big smooch after winning her over with a flower.

Annagail consoling Kolton.

Annagail stares in puzzlement...kind of the same way we all do when our men throw tantrums.

I call this the engagement photo.

I had to throw it in....ISN'T HE ADORABLE!

Planning their elopement......

The new couple!!!!!!!

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  1. cute! I'm looking forward to the double wedding!