Monday, May 31, 2010

It's been tooooo long....

Well, it has been so long since my last post that I don't even know where to begin. I have quite a few pics to show, lots of things I could talk about, and am so tired I promise I will forget everything important! hahaha

Let's start with pics some pics I have readily available....(more to come tonight after the kids go to bed.)

Kolton: He is doing great. Growing up so quickly and definitely into the terrible twos. Everyday holds new and exciting adventures, as well as challenges. He can put his shoes on by himself, but hates clothes. He takes his diaper off every time he pees in it (please be a sign we are getting closer to potty training). He is still the pickiest eater ever, but gets so hungry I can usually get something down him he supposedly "hates". He is sleeping through the night again, but has now had 2 real sleepwalking episodes. He has a temper just like his dad. He is super independent and is quick to show his frustration by throwing a toy across the room. He weighs about 31 lbs and is 38 in tall. He asks questions nonstop and now LOVES TO SWIM. In fact he takes private swim lessons AND city swim lessons. He is a fish! Below is a ribbon he just won at swim for floating on his back by himself! We are so proud of him!!!!!!!!

Saying Goodbye::::
Here are the babies growing up so quickly. It seems like yesterday Katie, Erica, and I were "charting" are temperatures hoping for that positive pregnancy test. Now are babies are 4/5 months old. But, as we all know change is constant and we have had to say goodbye to our first friends. Erica, Tim, Jackson, and Bianca moved home to San Antonio. It was so sad, and Kolton still doesn't understand why he can't play with Jackson. I don't think these things will ever get easier. I just hope that somehow in the future we can take another one of these pics with the 3 babies all grown up. We miss you Mohr family!

Saying Congratulations!!!!
Over Mother's Day weekend I packed up Karson, kissed Ben and Kolton goodbye, and drove to Newport Beach to watch my baby sister graduate college. I am so proud of her. It was really hard to be away from Kolton and Ben on Mother's Day, but so amazing to watch BB graduate! We had a wonderful weekend together and Karson even was kind enough to explode in the middle of the graduation ceremony! hahaha Here's to my sister and her future, may all of her dreams come true! She deserves it!

**on a side note, after graduation I drove down to San Diego to see my cousin, Jess, who had her first baby, Jaycee. She is the most beautiful baby girl ever! These are some of the pics I will try to download tonight!!!

Karson: The day I got to Newport Beach Karson turned 4 months. He is amazing. At his 4 mos appointment he was 20lb 4oz and 27 in. He is 100% for weight and 97% for height. I fondly refer to him as chubs or squishy. He smiles all of the time and loves to play. He recently started sitting up and needs just a little support. He is big and strong. He wasn't sleeping very well, but I have worked really hard the last two weeks and he now (...knock on wood) sleeps through the night. I can't say enough about how wonderful his temperament is. The only thing the baby doesn't like is the car. Lets just say I heard a lot of crying on the drive to California and back!

Finally, me and Ben. We are great and really tired. We have been working very hard and just got back from a whirlwind work trip to Arkansas. We worked the FLW tournament there. What a beautiful place Arkansas is and how NICE, and I mean NICE the people are! VERY different from here. It was a great trip, fun and tiring. I will try to post some fun pics tonight from this trip as well!

Happy Memorial Day, btw. Thank you to all of the men and women who have served our country. Thank you to my father for serving during Vietnam.
And I'm proud to be an American,
where at least I know I'm free.
And I won't forget the men who died,
who gave that right to me.
~Lee Greenwood

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