Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wow...It has been a year...

...since I blogged. Ooops. I guess you just don't realize how busy you are until you blink and a year goes by. Sorry my family and friends that it took me so long to update. So there is no way possible that I would be able to fill in a year, but a brief synopsis on each K should help out...

Kolton: He is 3 and full of life. He is the pickiest eater I have ever seen. I once made him a cake he refused to eat because it was messy. Not sure he is my child. :) He looks more and more like Ben everyday. He loves swimming, Transformers, trains, Annagail, Tinkerbell (much to my hubby's chagrin), anything outdoors really. He just got his like umpteenth "Awesome" ribbon at swim lessons today. He is a serious fish. He blew me away today because he can dive to the bottom of the pool unassisted and retrieve swimming around on the bottom retrieving multiple things. He is amazing. He is also very math brained. One of my favorite things he did recently was see 3 of my curlers laying on the ground and point out to me that together the 3 curlers made the 3 points of a triangle. That's my boy!
Karson: He just turned 15 months. He is still huge and squishy. He is so sweet and will eat anything and everything you give him. He loves Kolton more then the world...can't say Kolton feels the same way just yet. Ha ha... He wants whatever Kolton has and has to be wherever Kolton is. He loves to swim as well and is kicking butt in his lessons, too. He has an amazingly sweet personality and picks up on things remarkably quickly. He still loves his paci, carries his blanky around like a cartoon character, and sits and reads like he knows what he is doing. He is starting to find his voice and his opinions...with this is coming his tantrums, but in comparison to Kolton they are more comedic relief most days. He is my squishy!

Kelly: I became a runner. I ran my first half marathon (The IMS/ Arizona Marathon) on Feb. 20th and will be running my next one in 3 weeks on May 1st. The OC half marathon in Newport Beach, CA. I am trying to survive as a mother. Trying to find my new role as stay at home mom. And trying to keep my 17 year marriage as fresh as day 1. But there will be more to come of my story because I promise to blog more now that I am starting BodyBack again!

Ben KOLLER: (The original K) Is working his butt off like always. Running the Hook Up Tackle store at the lake, the guide business, and the online store. He is so busy and I am soooooooooooooo unbelievably proud of him. He still doesn't fish as much as he needs to, but that will come in time. It is season for him, so he is scrambling everyday just to survive! He is amazing.

The K dogs:

Stormy is feeling much better after her overdose and doing well. I think it aged her a bit. Today is her birthday. She is 9 years old and looking quite svelte for her age if you ask me!

Moose is still Moose. Crazy with more to come everyday.

And our newest addition::::: the KRABS: Beebo and Hank seem to be enjoying their new crab shack digs and hope to survive any more traumas that are sure to come their way. :) Will keep you posted!

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