Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas then....Christmas NOW!

Christmas 2008

In this picture Kolton was 10 months old. He looks so cute, but little does the onlooker know he was really taking a giant poop on poor Santa's lap. We had to rush to the bathroom to clean him up and then pick up our pictures.

Christmas 2009 no poop, thank GOD. However, my little stinker decided he really wasn't up for any social activities today. This was the only picture that was close to a smile. Santa was so nice and asked him what he wanted. Kolton just said, "Ya". Then he asked if Kolton was a good boy. Kolton said, "Ya". Then he gave Kolton a book guessed it....Kolton said, "Ya". Not "Thank you.", but "Ya".

There are 3 stages of man.....Those who believe in Santa, those who do not believe in Santa, and those who look like Santa. :)

On a side note.....
I am 35 weeks pregnant today. Saw the Dr. yesterday. I am doing ok. Really tired and crampy. Find it is getting difficult to do the most mundane tasks. He checked me and I am not dilated, -2 station, and 40% effaced. If you don't know what that means then I'll give you a brief synopsis....I have a ways to go before Karson can come out, but things are happening.

I am now on weekly visits and still on go for an induction on the 30th. That is exactly 3 weeks from today! HOLY SCHMOLY!

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