Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Madness

Today was madness for several different reasons:
1. Last night Kolton refused to sleep. He screamed instead of snored. He cried instead of dreamt. He kicked instead of cuddled. It was horrific. I mention here the severely painful contractions I was having.......

2. Obviously because of the above sentences I did not get ANY sleep.
3. Motherly instinct, "SOMETHING IS WRONG."
4. It must be that dastardly Lightening McQueen Bed.....
5. No, it's more then that.
6. Go to urgent care at 7am. Wait for an hour for a Dr. to say, "Ummm...I'm an orthopedic specialist. I wouldn't feel comfortable treating him. You need to take him to his pedi."
..........Thanks for the hour wait with a sick kid.
7. Get an appt. w/ pedi for 11am........more waiting w/ the sick kiddo.
8. throat is really sore. Damn.
9. Pedi diagnoses what I suspected all along. ear infection. 5 minutes and $30 later.
10. Proceed to an afternoon and evening filled with sick kid behavior, my sore throat, contractions, and a total lack of sleep..............

Thank God this day is almost over.

Monday Madness.

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