Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Quick update after my really long Dr.'s Appt.....

His estimated weight at the moment is 7.5lbs. This measurement can be + or - a lb....let's hope for -. Even though he is gaining steadily I haven't gained any weight in the last month and that makes me happy. I am dilated 1 cm which is more then I ever did before I was induced with Kolton. Since I have 2 more weeks to go before my induction I should dilate even more...should. Hopefully. (The Dr. suggested ways to "ripen" my cervix, but I will save you the gory details.) Karson is measuring in the 90-95%. So we went ahead and scheduled an induction for the night of the 29th. I will be 38 weeks exactly. I was 37 weeks when I was induced with Kolton. So hopefully this induction will go a lot quicker and smoother. I have another ultrasound next Tuesday to make sure he is still a big boy and if he is all will be a go for the next Tuesday....

So....here's to 14 days and counting.

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